DJ skills course

Posted by Leighton Nugent on Thursday, January 23, 2020

This course is much reduced in comparison to our other courses, but only available in some areas (see below).

Level 1 DJ programme – which can be linked in to an AQA accreditation through the school.

Over the course of half a school term (6 weeks), students will gain a basic understanding of the fundamentals of Djing and will be familiar with the concept of mixing one track into another. They will be able to navigate their way around the basic controls and will have developed confidence in the art by the end of the incentive.

Day rate
£290 with 6 days needed so £1,740.00 in Total

We also run one of workshops and structured programmes in Music production & Beatboxing.

The current radius is:

• Lincolnshire
• Yorkshire
• Humberside
• East Midlands
• Peterborough and surrounding
• Nottinghamshire
• Leicestershire

Outside of these areas, the cost increases.

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