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For ten years, Nugent Education Limited has provided DBS checked artists, to facilitate creative, performing and urban arts workshops for children in schools throughout England and North Wales.


We deliver throughout the North West of England, North Wales, the midlands and as far as London and surrounding counties.

Our range includes creative, visual, performing and urban arts. Workshops are bespoke, put differently, they can be tailored towards any age group, and we work with children ages six to teenagers and young adults.

Our list of clients has included primary and secondary schools, special schools, boarding schools and private educational establishments. Also young carers, children’s homes, youth clubs, secure units, NEET projects and corporate events companies. 


From African drumming and Japanese origami, to break dance and rapping, we offer a wide variety of workshops and activities for one off sessions to full courses.


We can embody key issues such as citizenship, anti bullying, knife and gun crime and other areas.  Alternatively, workshops may be for diversionary activities, or simply positive engagement.


Take a look at what we have to offer, and contact us with any questions, or for a no obligation quote, or booking via our web contact form.




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