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Posted by Leighton Nugent on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 Under: workshops for schools
Book relevant activities for Black History Month! Black history month is here. Black history month can help children of all cultures understand that self-worth is not confined to one race, skin colour or culture. Black history month is important whether your school is in a multi-cultural area or mono-cultural. It is often the case that mono-cultural areas have even more need to educating children on the positive and challenging aspects of Black people’s experiences in the UK. It used to be that the focus was often on internationally renowned black artists such as Bob Marley or Jay Z and so on. It is now the case that many schools choose to focus on more local black British subjects and not just to confined to music or sports. A great way to learn about these important historical (and living) black achievers is through the medium of rapping and beat boxing. Rapping itself stems from the African oral traditional of story-telling over beats and Jamaican toasting, so the genre fits. Other schools may choose to do something more traditional for Black History Month, such as African drumming or African mask making and Poetry, any of which we can deliver! If a school wishes to focus on other cultures we provide interesting activities such as Japanese origami and Chinese dance. Whatever you need for ‘Black History Month’ Nugent Education Ltd can help.

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