Book popular indoor arts activities for children and young people

February 19, 2017
Nugent Education Limited is an established provider of popular children’s arts workshops and activities. They will organise DBS checked artists to deliver activities in the daytime, evenings, weekends and bank holidays throughout the year!

Children and young people need to be engaged. Workshops and activities are booked for:

• Workshops for schools (primary, special, secondary or independent schools)
• Youth activities for youth clubs (diversionary or positive engagement)
• Children’s indoor holiday activities (small or large group)
• Children’s  party entertainment / kids party’s of any age
• Children’s events requirements
• Colleges

Our children’s and youth activities offered include urban, performing and also creative arts workshop. They include:

1. Rap and human beat boxing
2. Graffiti art
3. African drumming
4. Samba drumming
5. Japanese origami
6. Chinese dance
7. Crafts and environmental crafts
8. Giant model making and puppetry
9. Mural art with paints
10. Graffiti mural art (we have an outstanding graffiti mural creator)
11. Street dance classes
12. Break dancing
13. Free running
14. Makeup & beauty for teenage girls
15. Drama and group activities
16. Musical Theatre

Nugent Education has some fantastic artists on our books in different parts of the country. We have rappers who are in multiple bands, break dancers who enter competitions, film makers with professional experience and so on and so on.

Arts workshops can be motivational, inspirational and educational. They engage in a positive way and are a great way for kids to have fun. Self esteem is built and they have something to do that they enjoy.

Activities are available in Hull, Bristol, London, Chester, Derby, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, and Preston and throughout England and Wales!

If you want more information on our range of children’s arts activities, contact us NOW!

With our fees ranging from only £130.00 per artist (workshop) per group of up to 20 children, it is affordable!

We have an extensive and proven tack record so we are a provider that you can trust!

Email: sales@

Website Form:

Why not contact us today for more information or to book. We can deliver activities with as little as a weeks’ notice!

Leighton Nugent (manager)
Nugent Education Limited
Tel: 0345 113 0000
Mob: 0781 327 0232 / 07967 659 293 

Kids party ideas by Nugent Education - Call: 07813270232 Today!

November 5, 2015

Nugent Education Ltd provides popular activities for kid’s party entertainment.


We provide entertainers and artists for children of all ages. So if you have a child’s birthday party or event coming up, we have a range of activities to help the party go well. They are provided throughout England and Wales.


Our artists travel to your home or venue to deliver these. The activities are bespoke so suitable for all ages.


For younger children ages 4 - 9 we offer activities such as:...

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Things to do with kids that kids enjoy!!!!!

September 4, 2015

Things to do with kids that kids enjoy - Like arts workshops - 0345 113 0000



Nugent Education Limited provides a wide range of interesting things to do with kids. These interesting things kids enjoy include a range of arts activities for kids at home, in school, in a childrens youth club, a playgroup or any other setting.


Clients include working with schools which book them for educational services such as arts workshops for schools and other indoor activities for kids. School works...

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Book graffiti, rap and other school arts workshops

June 23, 2015

School Arts workshops

Do you want to engage children at the school in 2016? Nugent Education Ltd provides activities and educational arts workshops for schools for:

1.      Arts week activities

2.      Curriculum enhancement

3.      After school activities (extracurricular)

4.      A fun, enjoyable activity.


If you need workshops:

Nugent Education Ltd {Est. 2004} provide arts workshops for primary and secondary schools (and Colleges) and youth organisations in England and Wales.


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Rapping & DJ workshop - 0345 113 0000

March 5, 2014

rapping and human beat boxing workshops for children and young people

Have you considered booking a rapping and human beat boxing workshop? Hip hop rap or rapping, is firmly engrained in modern youth culture.

Urban arts Rapping is effectively poetry behind beat. This is an activity that can be utilised in a plethora of ways. We’ve used rap to help improve literacy, to discuss anti bullying, propagate environmental awareness, and promote citizenship, for corporate events and much more.

This c...
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school arts workshop provider UK - 0345 113 0000

March 5, 2014

Artists, travel to and deliver workshops at your school (primary, secondary or special) to deliver workshop activities.



Our new and usual activities are as follows:

  • Rapping & human beat-boxing (remains our most popular)

  • African drumming

  • Latin Percussion/Salsa music workshops

  • Song-writing workshops

  • Vocal workshops

  • Rhythm/feeling/movement/percussion workshops

  • Graffiti art or mural art

  • Japanese origami

  • Japanese manga art (anime)

  • Music production (COURSE)

  • Giant Model maki...

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Book creative or urban arts workshops for schools and children here!

October 24, 2013

Tel: 0345 113 0000


For ten years, Nugent Education Limited has provided DBS checked artists, to facilitate creative, performing and urban arts workshops for children in schools throughout England and North Wales.


We deliver throughout the North West of England, North Wales, the midlands and as far as London and surrounding counties.

Our range includes creative, visual, performing and urban arts. Workshops are bespoke, put differently, they can be tailored towards any age grou...

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