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Posted by Leighton Nugent on Thursday, January 23, 2020 Under: school activities

Here at Nugent Education, we have terrific graffiti artists who can deliver amazing looking murals. With a plethora of talented artists, we are well set to have them create what you want to achieve. The kind of things we have done previously includes.


School mural projects and murals


For schools, we have completed all kinds of projects. They range from decorating school corridors or classrooms with curriculum linked murals that school inspectors appreciate. Or creating murals for school playgrounds, outside walls and so on.  School murals are terrific for brightening up a dull area. They can be used to promote positive behaviour by creating positive message art-work. As suggested, they can also be used to teach elements of curriculum.

These school mural projects are done in one of three ways. The first and fastest way is for the graffiti artist to work alone on the mural. The second way is to have groups of children do it (more difficult). The third and best way if you want to engage children, is to have them work on side activities with small pairs taking it in turns to intermittently doing a bit of infilling for the artist.  


Youth Clubs


We also do these murals for youth clubs and organisations. This could be for an NCS projector, diversionary activities during school holidays and so on.


Shop shutters


Our mural artists are adept at providing murals to advertise a shop on their shutters, this is a great way to promote your product or services whilst the shop is closed. These murals really draw the eye and potentially draw more people to your business or service.

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