Artists, travel to and deliver workshops at your school (primary, secondary or special) to deliver workshop activities.



Our new and usual activities are as follows:

  • Rapping & human beat-boxing (remains our most popular)

  • African drumming

  • Latin Percussion/Salsa music workshops

  • Song-writing workshops

  • Vocal workshops

  • Rhythm/feeling/movement/percussion workshops

  • Graffiti art or mural art

  • Japanese origami

  • Japanese manga art (anime)

  • Music production (COURSE)

  • Giant Model making crafts

  • Puppet making

  • School corridor or outside space mural decoration (inspectors appreciate this)

  • DJ skills

Our terrific feedback from schools, is testimony to the fact we provide a great service for schools, children’s centres and youth clubs, engaging children with activities that they enjoy.

If this is of interest, please get in touch (Web-Form) and we look forward to hearing back from you!