rapping and human beat boxing workshops for children and young people

Have you considered booking a rapping and human beat boxing workshop? Hip hop rap or rapping, is firmly engrained in modern youth culture.

Urban arts Rapping is effectively poetry behind beat. This is an activity that can be utilised in a plethora of ways. We’ve used rap to help improve literacy, to discuss anti bullying, propagate environmental awareness, and promote citizenship, for corporate events and much more.

This company has also devised rapping to revise for exams workshops. Exam results were improved as a direct result of rapping through key questions; rapping to revise for exams and tests workshops can work with almost any subject area where things need to be remembered. Rapping can help engrain information, in a fun way. Rapping and human beat-boxing workshops also allow for a subject to be discussed in a fun, non threatening way.

Allot of children, often disengaged, relate to popular rappers today! We always try to encourage positive, which is non offensive lyrics. As a diversionary activity, it’s second to none. Nugent Education has some fantastic, accomplished rappers and MC’s on our books, well able to engage a group of children or young people.